Kriek Carton 16pk

Kriek Carton 16pk


The 2014 Pikes Kriek sees 100kg of cherries smashed and aged for extra ferment in French oak; shiraz barrels that just might have nurtured the welcomed 2010 vintage of Clare red.

And there are just five barrels so wish hard. It all starts with a Pikes “sour ale” base (prompted by lactobacillus, a lactic acid for souring) and kicks off with a long spell in barrels with the addition of Belgian yeast, a little sugar and a period of bottle conditioning.

The Belgian yeast gives “a perceived bubblegum element” to the flavour of the beer, says Alister Pike. Drink it and you’ll get a kind of year-old, dry Hubba-Bubba cherry sensation that carries through to a tight, lingering finish, perhaps typical of the oak age goodness in big reds. Unlike bold krieks such as Brussells’ Belle-Vue, Pikes 2014 is not too confronting for the uninitiated — not too waxy — and just tart enough to pique interest to return for just one more look … then another. Deliciously quenching local beer for a Christmas table triumph. But remember what you’ve got, and raise a glass for those who don’t know such luxury — and when you buy your four-pack ($25 at the brewery, and sold at independents such as Goodwood Cellars and on tap at the Wheaty and King’s Head), drop off some coins or good long-life food donations to your local agents for the less fortunate. Merry Christmas.

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