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awards-GABThe celebration of all things craft beer, known as Good Beer Week, was held in Melbourne in late May so Brad and Myself packed our bags full of samples and headed over to represent the brewery and to spend some time in the trade. As part of the week-long trip, we headed out with our Sales and Marketing Manager, Pete Bentley, to meet some of our better customers and show our products, including the new Tonic Ale, to potential customers.  GABS, or ‘The Great Australian Beer SpecTAPular’, was held in conjunction with Good Beer Week. The event is an annual event and
gives license to local and international brewers to create a new beer, which has not been seen or brewed before. We thought this would be a perfect opportunity to release our ‘New’ Tonic Ale. Out of the 118 beers that were showcased at the 3-day event, ours was the lightest (2.3% ABV) and possibly the one which divided the crowd the most… which I guess is going to happen at a festival where brewers are encouraged to ‘get weird’ with their recipes! The majority of the punters really loved it and we received some fantastic online reviews. A pretty good effort for our first GABS appearance!
The AIBA’s (Australian International Beer Awards) were also held during Good Beer Week. We were fortunate enough to pick up a couple of Bronze medals for our Pilsener Lager AND our Sparkling Ale, which is fantastic, especially seeing as though we have only really just begun brewing here in Polish Hill!
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